Our Qualifications

Financial Planning

At Roth Financial Group, our associates have over a combined 40 years of experience.  They use their extensive personal and professional experience in all areas of financial planning to help you pursue your goals.

Our associates hold multiple professional designations and are licensed to sell a variety of financial and insurance products.

We offer clients an impressive depth of expertise in investment planning, insurance, and estate planning.

During our years in business, we have provided comprehensive financial advice to thousands of investors.

Our advisors are well versed in a number of financial disciplines. Our combined education and experience position us to offer broad-based financial advice that our clients can trust.

To meet with a Roth Financial Group advisor, contact us today at (321) 454-3398.

Tax Planning

Our firms tax specialists will work with you, as our client, to try to minimize your tax bill.  By doing this, you will be able to enjoy more of your income because you will be sending less to the government in taxes.   In addition, our clients enjoy the benefit of having their income taxes prepared yearly.